We specialize in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management.


Our mission is to provide businesses of all sizes with reporting, analytics and scorecarding capabilities typically found in successful global enterprises via simple, convenient and cost effective solutions. We understand the principles, methods and technologies organizations need to improve their performance. Our passion is to promote the best of these principles and provide affordable solutions for our clients.

We serve our clients by creating affordable, easy to use software solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies:

  • For SMBs that seamlessly integrate with and deliver "out of the box" content for QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts.
  • For Accounting firms, CPAs, Advisors & consultants that help them deliver data driven analytics in their role as a trusted advisor.

Our solutions help business owners and their advisors make sense of the vast amounts of data stored in QuickBooks and Reckon Accounts. By transforming this into useful information, they can analyze the key metrics of the business and gain real insight into the drivers behind the results. Business users can be presented with just the right information they need to fulfil their particular role in a timely fashion to make faster, better and more informed decisions, take action and improve the bottom line.

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