BizTools Analytics transforms your QuickBooks financial & sales data into actionable insights.

BizTools Analytics: Powerful Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solutions.

BizTools Analytics sets a new standard in affordable, easy to use, yet powerful Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions for small & medium business owners, managers, accountants, advisors and consultants around the world.

Designed for both business users who need a head start to best practice analytics and professional service providers who deal with a broad range of SMB clients; BizTools delivers results fast - without long, complex and expensive implementations.

Our solutions are designed for people working with leading accounting software such as QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts who want to understand the drivers behind the business and need actionable insights to achieve better results.

Small & Medium Businesses, gain actionable insight into your raw business and financial data.

BizTools Enterprise Analytics

BizTools Enterprise Analytics for QuickBooks

BizTools Enterprise Analytics is the ideal solution for small & medium businesses that are looking to understand what’s going on “behind the numbers” and really understand the drivers and trends in order to improve the bottom line. Owners & Managers need informative “at a glance” views of their business and BizTools delivers all the functionality you need without the cost and complexity of alternatives.

We’ve built in everything you need to be up & running in a few hours so you can get on with the job of running the business better.

Accounts & Advisors, add value to your service & help clients achieve more.

BizTools Professional Analytics

BizTools Professional Analytics for QuickBooks

BizTools Professional Analytics is the perfect solution for Accountants and Consultants who work with a broad range of SMB clients. Our solution overcomes the problems of dealing with different source data files and unpredictable GL structures. Your advice needs to be accurate, add value and be affordable in order for you to grow and differentiate your practice.

BizTools Professional Analytics does all the grunt work so you can focus on applying your skills to interpreting the results and making a difference for your clients.

Which is right for you?BizTools Enterprise AnalyticsBizTools Professional Analytics
Designed For  
 Business Owners & Managers Yes  
 Accountants, Advisors & Consultants   Yes
Licensing Options  
 PC or Laptop - Single User Licenses Yes Yes
 Server - Multi User Licenses Yes Yes
 Monthly Installment Payment Plan Yes Yes
 Annual Payment Plan Yes Yes
 Microsoft SQL Server STD Edition
Included 1
Included 1
Key Features  
 Multi Company Capability
Up to 3 Data Files
Unlimited 2
 Consolidated Company Groups
Unlimited 2
 Automated Data Import Yes Yes
 Semi-Automated Account Mapping Yes Yes
 Financial Ratio KPI Scorecarding Yes Yes
 Financial Ratio Trend Analysis
Over 25 Key Ratios - Profitablity, Liquidity, Leverage & Turnover
 Financial Statements Analysis Yes Yes
 Actual vs Budget KPI Scorecarding Yes Yes
 Actual vs Budget
Actual vs Budget by Account OR Actual vs Budget by Account & Class 3
 Sales Analysis
Multi Dimensional Analytics - Key Metrics by Time, Customer, Item, Class, Accounts, Rep
 Rolling Trend Analysis
Conduct Trend Analysis for up to 3 Years of Financial & Sales Data
 Ad-Hoc Analytics in Excel 
Drag & Drop via Native Excel Pivot Table/Chart Client & BizTools OLAP Cubes
 Built In Dashboards
Financial Status & Sales Performance
 Custom Dashboard Template
Enables Non-Technical Business Users to Easily Build Complex Analytical Content in Minutes
 Role Based Intranet Portal 
Enables Secure Multi User Collaboration
 Save as PDF, Export to Excel, Word 
 Custom Report Builder
Advanced Report Authoring
 OLAP Cube Technology
 Advanced Business Modeling
Built In Financial & Time Intelligence 4
 Microsoft Office Compatability
Excel, Word 5
 Search, Print, Schedule or Email Reports Yes Yes
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(1) Fully functional - licensed for use only with BizTools Analytics.      (2) Not limited by BizTools, hardware limits may apply.
(3) Budget data by account & class is not available for Reckon Accounts at this time.     
(4) Auto aggregation of non-additive measures such as balances & ratios with relative time periods.     (5) Office 2016, 2013 & 2010.