BizTools Enterprise Analytics™

Gain actionable insight “at a glance” into your business and financial data.

BizTools Enterprise Analytics is an affordable, easy to use, KPI monitoring, analytics and reporting solution offering “out of the box” integration for SMBs using QuickBooks.

BizTools Enterprise Analytics for QuickBooks

BizTools Enterprise Analytics


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Top Features & Benefits

Comprehensive KPIs and Financial Ratios built in so you can easily monitor and analyse key trends to identify strengths and weaknesses in your business and plan ahead.

True multi-dimensional OLAP Cubes for analytics across Finance and Sales let you slice and dice the data in minutes for consistent, accurate results, the way you need it.

Minimal implementation effort enables you to install and get up & running in hours for a quick ROI.

Automated data import from QuickBooks eliminates time consuming, repetitive and error prone manual processes.

Semi Automated account mapping provides fast, reliable yet flexible integration to suit your business and chart of accounts.

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Why BizTools?

Small & medium businesses need informative, “at a glance” views of their financial and sales data to gain actionable insight to improve their results.

The right information at the right time enables owners and managers to make informed decisions and take action to build a better, stronger business.

The Problem

The challenge for most SMBs is that they typically don’t have large in-house IT departments or big consulting budgets to build a comprehensive solution that meets their unique's all too hard and expensive.

The Solution

BizTools Enterprise Analytics is a pre-built solution that adapts to your existing accounting data file so you can get up & running in a few hours. You can use the standard content as is or extend the solution by building your own key reports and analyses based on our built in models.